Named File Sink Names

Interscript 'named_file_sink' takes two arguments identifying a local disk file. The first, mandatory, component is name in Unix relative filename format, and the second, optional, component, is a prefix in native operating system format.

This pair of names is the interscript file name convention. If the prefix is empty, it is replaced by the absolute pathname of the current directory in native operating system format, including a trailing directory separator. The the Unix filename is then converted to a native operating system filename, and appended to the prefix.

The command line supports four options, '--tangler-prefix=', '--tangler-directory=', '--weaver-prefix=', and '--weaver-directory=', which facilitate placement of outputs.

The two directory options allow a Unix relative filename (or other prefixing characters) to be prepended to all filenames used for tangler or weaver outputs, respectively.

The two prefix options allow a native operating system format filename to specify the output directory for tangler and weaver files. If the prefix is empty, the absolute pathname of the current directory, including trailing directory separator, is used. The Unix filename is converted to native operating system format and appended to the prefix.