3.4. Implementation pragmatics

This section discusses requirements in terms of the constraints imposed by an implementation. There are several requirements all software must meet:
Interscript must be very fast because it must be executed after every change to program source code or documentation. If this additional processing time is significant compared to the time other build components such as compilers take, it is likely to be an impediment to practical software development, especially that for which documentation is not as highly rated as functionality.
Interscript must be highly portable: it must at least be able to execute on Unix, Windows, and Mac platforms with minimal installation and maintenance hassles. The installation and configuration must be manageable by people who are specialists in some computing field -- not necessarily the interscript implementation language or the host platform.
Interscript must be easy to get hold of.
Client side maintenance
Because the repertoire of facilities a literate programming tool could provide are huge, upgrades must be easy to install, must not compromise client configuration, and must remain largely compatible with sources already developed by interscript.
Third party development
Interscript must provide third party development opportunities. This is essential when required functionality is certain to be highly deviant, and also very specific.