5.2.2. Original Source References

Here's the code from the previous example again:
Start python section to interscript/tests/output/mymodule2.py[1 /1 ]
     1: #line 253 "tutorial.pak"
     2: import sys
     3: class myclass:
     4:   def __init__(self, name):
     5:     self.name = name
     6:   def hello(self):
     7:     print 'hello','self.name
End python section to interscript/tests/output/mymodule2.py[1]
Notice the #line directives. They're called original source references because they refer to the original, editable, source file containing the code. If you are creating C programs, the compiler will recognize them and report compiler errors in the original file. Integrated development environments will put the cursor right in the middle of the Interscript source. This is necessary, you must not edit the code file. Your changes will get clobbered next time you run Interscript on the original source.