5.3.2. Very Long script sections

There's a better way to code long script sections, using the "python()" command. Here's an example: On-the-fly interscript for test 9 follows.
Start interscript section from tutorial.pak
   412: @head(1,'Long Script test')
   413: Some script should generate a string of 3 'My names',
   414: separated by 3 dashes.
   415: @python('//')
   416: x = 2
   417: y = 3
   418: z = 'My name'
   419: weave((z + '-' * x) * y)
   420: //
End interscript section from tutorial.pak
Test output at ../tests/output/test_9.html. Logfile at ../tests/output/test_9.log.

The 'python' command accepts a string argument which is a terminator line for the script section. The whole section is gathered, without any processing, and then executed. There is a danger to be aware of: if you don't put the terminator in correctly, the command will read all the way to the end of the file.