5.1. Weaving a document

To create a plain document is easy. First, you should create a heading like this, then type documentation. On-the-fly interscript for test 1 follows.
Start interscript section from tutorial.pak
    12: @head(1,'My Document')
    13: This is a document describing Interscript, which
    14: is a literate programming tool. You can use
    15: any characters you like in the document,
    16: such as ~!@#$%^&*(), with one exception:
    17: you should not start a documentation line with @ in
    18: column 1. The @ character in column 1 is used to flag a command.
End interscript section from tutorial.pak
Test output at ../tests/output/test_1.html. Logfile at ../tests/output/test_1.log.

5.1.1. Headings
5.1.2. Separating paragraphs
5.1.3. Line and Page breaks
5.1.4. Displaying code examples
5.1.5. Running Interscript