5.1.2. Separating paragraphs

You can separate paragraphs with the command
Blanks lines do not separate paragraphs. This is deliberate. Any number of blank lines translates to a single space. This allows you to separate parts of your Interscript document with vertical white space. It is particularly useful to add blank lines before headings. For example: On-the-fly interscript for test 3 follows.
Start interscript section from tutorial.pak
    61: @head(1,'A document')
    62: We are flying to the moon today.
    63: @p()
    64: But not just any moon. The moon of Mars.
    66: @head(1,'Phobos')
    67: Actually, there are two Martian moons.
    68: @p()
    69: @p()
    70: @p()
    72: @p()
    74: @p()
    75: One of them is Phobos.
End interscript section from tutorial.pak
Test output at ../tests/output/test_3.html. Logfile at ../tests/output/test_3.log.

You should note that @p() is idempotent, which is a fancy way of saying two or more of them in a row are the same as one. You can't add extra space between paragraphs. Not even by putting dummy blank lines in between.