5.1.1. Headings

You can create sub-headings, and sub-subheadings, just use a @head(n,'Heading') command with n set to the heading level you want. Headings are numbered from 1, level 1 is the biggest heading. (Technically, the document title is a level 0 heading.)

Heading levels should go up consecutively, because Interscript numbers all headings automatically. Here's a document with several headings. On-the-fly interscript for test 2 follows.

Start interscript section from tutorial.pak
    33: @head(1,'Several Headings')
    34: Test with several headings.
    36: @head(2,'First Subheading')
    37: Under the first subheading is a subsubheading.
    39: @head(3,'First Subsubheading')
    40: Some details here.
    42: @head(3,'Second Subsubheading')
    43: Some more details here.
    45: @head(2,'Second Subheading')
    46: Here's the second subhead. And the last
    47: text in the document.
End interscript section from tutorial.pak
Test output at ../tests/output/test_2.html. Logfile at ../tests/output/test_2.log.