Table of Contents

    1. Interscript Version
    2. Introduction
       2.1. Interscript
       2.2. Features
          2.2.1. Python Scripting
          2.2.2. Platform independent filenames
          2.2.3. Documentation Constructions
    Automatic heading numbering
    Cross references
    Nestable Lists
    URL citation
    Code and Prose displays
    Basic font selection
          2.2.4. Advanced Web Weaving
    Automatic pagination on headings
    Syntax Highlighting
    CSS1 Cascading Style Sheets
    Folding Table of Contents
    Frame presentation
    Flexible navigation
    Table of classes
    Table of functions
    Table of identifiers
    Table of sections
    Table of tests
    Convergence status
    Source tree
          2.2.5. PerlPOD support
          2.2.6. Extensive Python Support
          2.2.7. Latex, Plain text and flat Html Weavers
          2.2.8. Html input filter
          2.2.9. XML support planned
          2.2.10. Unit testing
    Test output verification
          2.2.11. Option help
          2.2.12. Tutorial
          2.2.13. Statement of Requirements
          2.2.14. Design Document
          2.2.15. Full source listing
    3. Requirements
       3.1. Functionality
          3.1.1. Tangling
    Supported Programming Languages
    Source Tracking
       C and C++
    Parsing for reference tables
       Tokenisable Languages
          Identifier reference
       Fully Parsable Languages
       Partially Parsable Languages
          Class reference
       Function reference
    Parsing for embedded documentation
       Perl DOC
       Java DOC
       Python Doc strings
          3.1.2. Weaving
    Individual Weavers
    Individual weaver capabilities
       Code echo
          3.1.3. Building
    Python hosting
    Executing external tools
       3.2. Interface
          3.2.1. Unified command interface
       3.3. Management
          3.3.1. Software Metrics
    Change Impact Analysis
    Measuring Change Impact
          3.3.2. Programming metrics
       3.4. Implementation pragmatics
    4. Design Fundamentals
       4.1. Devices
          4.1.1. File names
    Named File Source Names
    Named File Sink Names
       4.2. Processors
       4.3. Tanglers
       4.4. Lexical Scoping
       4.5. Weaver Control
       4.6. Source Tracking
       4.7. Parsing
       4.8. Documentation Constructions
       4.9. Microformatting shortcuts
       4.10. Weaver Architecture
          4.10.1. Multiple Typesetters
    Raw output
          4.10.2. Multiple Human Languages
          4.10.3. Multiple Documents
          4.10.4. Cumulated Appendices
    5. Tutorial
       5.1. Weaving a document
          5.1.1. Headings
          5.1.2. Separating paragraphs
          5.1.3. Line and Page breaks
          5.1.4. Displaying code examples
          5.1.5. Running Interscript
    Option help
    Tangling parts
       5.2. Tangling code
          5.2.1. Tangler Constructors
          5.2.2. Original Source References
          5.2.3. Code sections
       5.3. Scripting
          5.3.1. Long script sections
          5.3.2. Very Long script sections
       5.4. Unit tests
          5.4.1. Weaver Control
          5.4.2. Perl hates @
       5.5. Fonts
       5.6. Lists
          5.6.1. Easier lists
       5.7. Tables
       5.8. Citations
       5.9. Cross References
       5.10. Including Files
          5.10.1. Including code
          5.10.2. Displaying Code
       5.11. Translating Html
       5.12. Special constructions
          5.12.1. Table of Contents
          5.12.2. Identifier Index
          5.12.3. File list
          5.12.4. Source list
          5.12.5. The Web Weaver
    Automatic table generation
    Mandatory Frames
    Internet Explorer DHTML support
    Cascading Style Sheets
       5.13. File Names
       5.14. Questions and Answers
          5.14.1. Why are HTML tags printed verbatim, even by the html weaver?
          5.14.2. OK, so how do I put HTML into a document?
    Tag method
    Cheat method 1
    Cheat method 2
          5.14.3. How can I use existing HTML as a source?
          5.14.4. Isn't it hard to create an HTML filter?
          5.14.5. Why are blank lines ignored?
          5.14.6. Why do I get multiple spaces in my document?
          5.14.7. The indentation of my programs is all wrong. Why?
          5.14.8. How do I get existing code into Interscript?
          5.14.9. What if I just want to print it?
          5.14.10. How do I debug Interscript
    6. Implementation
       6.1. Interscript Module
          6.1.1. Construct Global Frame
          6.1.2. Set version
          6.1.3. Listing of iscr.pak source
       6.2. Core Subpackage
          6.2.1. Sets
    Test source
    Test output
          6.2.2. Stack
          6.2.3. protocol module
    Standard Protocol Rules
       6.3. Character set encodings
          6.3.1. Representation
       6.4. Unicode Data
          6.4.1. Character Tables
    Range 0000-00ff
    Range 0100-01ff
    Range 0200-02ff
    Range 0300-03ff
    Range 0400-04ff
    Range 0500-05ff
    Range 0600-06ff
    Range 0700-07ff
    Range 0800-08ff
    Range 0900-09ff
    Range 0a00-0aff
    Range 0b00-0bff
    Range 0c00-0cff
    Range 0d00-0dff
    Range 0e00-0eff
    Range 0f00-0fff
    Range 1000-10ff
    Range 1100-11ff
    Range 1200-12ff
    Range 1300-13ff
    Range 1400-14ff
    Range 1500-15ff
    Range 1600-16ff
    Range 1700-17ff
    Range 1800-18ff
    Range 1900-19ff
    Range 1a00-1aff
    Range 1b00-1bff
    Range 1c00-1cff
    Range 1d00-1dff
    Range 1e00-1eff
    Range 1f00-1fff
    Range 2000-20ff
    Range 2100-21ff
    Range 2200-22ff
    Range 2300-23ff
    Range 2400-24ff
    Range 2500-25ff
    Range 2600-26ff
    Range 2700-27ff
    Range 2800-28ff
    Range 2900-29ff
    Range 2a00-2aff
    Range 2b00-2bff
    Range 2c00-2cff
    Range 2d00-2dff
    Range 2e00-2eff
    Range 2f00-2fff
    Range 3000-30ff
    Range 3100-31ff
    Range 3200-32ff
    Range 3300-33ff
    Range 3400-34ff
    Range 3500-35ff
    Range 3600-36ff
    Range 3700-37ff
    Range 3800-38ff
    Range 3900-39ff
    Range 3a00-3aff
    Range 3b00-3bff
    Range 3c00-3cff
    Range 3d00-3dff
    Range 3e00-3eff
    Range 3f00-3fff
    Range 4000-40ff
    Range 4100-41ff
    Range 4200-42ff
    Range 4300-43ff
    Range 4400-44ff
    Range 4500-45ff
    Range 4600-46ff
    Range 4700-47ff
    Range 4800-48ff
    Range 4900-49ff
    Range 4a00-4aff
    Range 4b00-4bff
    Range 4c00-4cff
    Range 4d00-4dff
    Range 4e00-4eff
    Range 4f00-4fff
    Range 5000-50ff
    Range 5100-51ff
    Range 5200-52ff
    Range 5300-53ff
    Range 5400-54ff
    Range 5500-55ff
    Range 5600-56ff
    Range 5700-57ff
    Range 5800-58ff
    Range 5900-59ff
    Range 5a00-5aff
    Range 5b00-5bff
    Range 5c00-5cff
    Range 5d00-5dff
    Range 5e00-5eff
    Range 5f00-5fff
    Range 6000-60ff
    Range 6100-61ff
    Range 6200-62ff
    Range 6300-63ff
    Range 6400-64ff
    Range 6500-65ff
    Range 6600-66ff
    Range 6700-67ff
    Range 6800-68ff
    Range 6900-69ff
    Range 6a00-6aff
    Range 6b00-6bff
    Range 6c00-6cff
    Range 6d00-6dff
    Range 6e00-6eff
    Range 6f00-6fff
    Range 7000-70ff
    Range 7100-71ff
    Range 7200-72ff
    Range 7300-73ff
    Range 7400-74ff
    Range 7500-75ff
    Range 7600-76ff
    Range 7700-77ff
    Range 7800-78ff
    Range 7900-79ff
    Range 7a00-7aff
    Range 7b00-7bff
    Range 7c00-7cff
    Range 7d00-7dff
    Range 7e00-7eff
    Range 7f00-7fff
    Range 8000-80ff
    Range 8100-81ff
    Range 8200-82ff
    Range 8300-83ff
    Range 8400-84ff
    Range 8500-85ff
    Range 8600-86ff
    Range 8700-87ff
    Range 8800-88ff
    Range 8900-89ff
    Range 8a00-8aff
    Range 8b00-8bff
    Range 8c00-8cff
    Range 8d00-8dff
    Range 8e00-8eff
    Range 8f00-8fff
    Range 9000-90ff
    Range 9100-91ff
    Range 9200-92ff
    Range 9300-93ff
    Range 9400-94ff
    Range 9500-95ff
    Range 9600-96ff
    Range 9700-97ff
    Range 9800-98ff
    Range 9900-99ff
    Range 9a00-9aff
    Range 9b00-9bff
    Range 9c00-9cff
    Range 9d00-9dff
    Range 9e00-9eff
    Range 9f00-9fff
    Range a000-a0ff
    Range a100-a1ff
    Range a200-a2ff
    Range a300-a3ff
    Range a400-a4ff
    Range a500-a5ff
    Range a600-a6ff
    Range a700-a7ff
    Range a800-a8ff
    Range a900-a9ff
    Range aa00-aaff
    Range ab00-abff
    Range ac00-acff
    Range ad00-adff
    Range ae00-aeff
    Range af00-afff
    Range b000-b0ff
    Range b100-b1ff
    Range b200-b2ff
    Range b300-b3ff
    Range b400-b4ff
    Range b500-b5ff
    Range b600-b6ff
    Range b700-b7ff
    Range b800-b8ff
    Range b900-b9ff
    Range ba00-baff
    Range bb00-bbff
    Range bc00-bcff
    Range bd00-bdff
    Range be00-beff
    Range bf00-bfff
    Range c000-c0ff
    Range c100-c1ff
    Range c200-c2ff
    Range c300-c3ff
    Range c400-c4ff
    Range c500-c5ff
    Range c600-c6ff
    Range c700-c7ff
    Range c800-c8ff
    Range c900-c9ff
    Range ca00-caff
    Range cb00-cbff
    Range cc00-ccff
    Range cd00-cdff
    Range ce00-ceff
    Range cf00-cfff
    Range d000-d0ff
    Range d100-d1ff
    Range d200-d2ff
    Range d300-d3ff
    Range d400-d4ff
    Range d500-d5ff
    Range d600-d6ff
    Range d700-d7ff
    Range d800-d8ff
    Range d900-d9ff
    Range da00-daff
    Range db00-dbff
    Range dc00-dcff
    Range dd00-ddff
    Range de00-deff
    Range df00-dfff
    Range e000-e0ff
    Range e100-e1ff
    Range e200-e2ff
    Range e300-e3ff
    Range e400-e4ff
    Range e500-e5ff
    Range e600-e6ff
    Range e700-e7ff
    Range e800-e8ff
    Range e900-e9ff
    Range ea00-eaff
    Range eb00-ebff
    Range ec00-ecff
    Range ed00-edff
    Range ee00-eeff
    Range ef00-efff
    Range f000-f0ff
    Range f100-f1ff
    Range f200-f2ff
    Range f300-f3ff
    Range f400-f4ff
    Range f500-f5ff
    Range f600-f6ff
    Range f700-f7ff
    Range f800-f8ff
    Range f900-f9ff
    Range fa00-faff
    Range fb00-fbff
    Range fc00-fcff
    Range fd00-fdff
    Range fe00-feff
          6.4.2. Detailed Character Properties
       General Category
       Bidirectional Properties
       Character Decomposition Tags
       Canonical Combining Classes
       Case mappings
    Block Index
    Detailed Property Data
       0000-007f Basic Latin
       0080-00ff Latin-1 Supplement
       0100-017f Latin Extended-A
       0180-024f Latin Extended-B
       0250-02af IPA Extensions
       02b0-02ff Spacing Modifier Letters
       0300-036f Combining Diacritical Marks
       0370-03ff Greek
       0400-04ff Cyrillic
       0530-058f Armenian
       0590-05ff Hebrew
       0600-06ff Arabic
       0900-097f Devanagari
       0980-09ff Bengali
       0a00-0a7f Gurmukhi
       0a80-0aff Gujarati
       0b00-0b7f Oriya
       0b80-0bff Tamil
       0c00-0c7f Telugu
       0c80-0cff Kannada
       0d00-0d7f Malayalam
       0e00-0e7f Thai
       0e80-0eff Lao
       0f00-0fbf Tibetan
       10a0-10ff Georgian
       1100-11ff Hangul Jamo
       1e00-1eff Latin Extended Additional
       1f00-1fff Greek Extended
       2000-206f General Punctuation
       2070-209f Superscripts and Subscripts
       20a0-20cf Currency Symbols
       20d0-20ff Combining Marks for Symbols
       2100-214f Letterlike Symbols
       2150-218f Number Forms
       2190-21ff Arrows
       2200-22ff Mathematical Operators
       2300-23ff Miscellaneous Technical
       2400-243f Control Pictures
       2440-245f Optical Character Recognition
       2460-24ff Enclosed Alphanumerics
       2500-257f Box Drawing
       2580-259f Block Elements
       25a0-25ff Geometric Shapes
       2600-26ff Miscellaneous Symbols
       2700-27bf Dingbats
       3000-303f CJK Symbols and Punctuation
       3040-309f Hiragana
       30a0-30ff Katakana
       3100-312f Bopomofo
       3130-318f Hangul Compatibility Jamo
       3190-319f Kanbun
       3200-32ff Enclosed CJK Letters and Months
       3300-33ff CJK Compatibility
       4e00-9fff CJK Unified Ideographs
          CJK Unified Ideographs 4e00-4eff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 4f00-4fff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5000-50ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5100-51ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5200-52ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5300-53ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5400-54ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5500-55ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5600-56ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5700-57ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5800-58ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5900-59ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5a00-5aff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5b00-5bff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5c00-5cff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5d00-5dff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5e00-5eff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 5f00-5fff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6000-60ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6100-61ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6200-62ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6300-63ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6400-64ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6500-65ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6600-66ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6700-67ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6800-68ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6900-69ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6a00-6aff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6b00-6bff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6c00-6cff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6d00-6dff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6e00-6eff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 6f00-6fff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7000-70ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7100-71ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7200-72ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7300-73ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7400-74ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7500-75ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7600-76ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7700-77ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7800-78ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7900-79ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7a00-7aff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7b00-7bff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7c00-7cff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7d00-7dff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7e00-7eff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 7f00-7fff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8000-80ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8100-81ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8200-82ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8300-83ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8400-84ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8500-85ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8600-86ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8700-87ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8800-88ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8900-89ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8a00-8aff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8b00-8bff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8c00-8cff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8d00-8dff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8e00-8eff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 8f00-8fff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9000-90ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9100-91ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9200-92ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9300-93ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9400-94ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9500-95ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9600-96ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9700-97ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9800-98ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9900-99ff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9a00-9aff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9b00-9bff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9c00-9cff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9d00-9dff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9e00-9eff
          CJK Unified Ideographs 9f00-9fff
       ac00-d7a3 Hangul Syllables
          Hangul Syllables ac00-acff
          Hangul Syllables ad00-adff
          Hangul Syllables ae00-aeff
          Hangul Syllables af00-afff
          Hangul Syllables b000-b0ff
          Hangul Syllables b100-b1ff
          Hangul Syllables b200-b2ff
          Hangul Syllables b300-b3ff
          Hangul Syllables b400-b4ff
          Hangul Syllables b500-b5ff
          Hangul Syllables b600-b6ff
          Hangul Syllables b700-b7ff
          Hangul Syllables b800-b8ff
          Hangul Syllables b900-b9ff
          Hangul Syllables ba00-baff
          Hangul Syllables bb00-bbff
          Hangul Syllables bc00-bcff
          Hangul Syllables bd00-bdff
          Hangul Syllables be00-beff
          Hangul Syllables bf00-bfff
          Hangul Syllables c000-c0ff
          Hangul Syllables c100-c1ff
          Hangul Syllables c200-c2ff
          Hangul Syllables c300-c3ff
          Hangul Syllables c400-c4ff
          Hangul Syllables c500-c5ff
          Hangul Syllables c600-c6ff
          Hangul Syllables c700-c7ff
          Hangul Syllables c800-c8ff
          Hangul Syllables c900-c9ff
          Hangul Syllables ca00-caff
          Hangul Syllables cb00-cbff
          Hangul Syllables cc00-ccff
          Hangul Syllables cd00-cdff
          Hangul Syllables ce00-ceff
          Hangul Syllables cf00-cfff
          Hangul Syllables d000-d0ff
          Hangul Syllables d100-d1ff
          Hangul Syllables d200-d2ff
          Hangul Syllables d300-d3ff
          Hangul Syllables d400-d4ff
          Hangul Syllables d500-d5ff
          Hangul Syllables d600-d6ff
          Hangul Syllables d700-d7a3
       d800-db7f High Surrogates
          High Surrogates d800-d8ff
          High Surrogates d900-d9ff
          High Surrogates da00-daff
          High Surrogates db00-db7f
       dc00-dfff Low Surrogates
          Low Surrogates dc00-dcff
          Low Surrogates dd00-ddff
          Low Surrogates de00-deff
          Low Surrogates df00-dfff
       f900-faff CJK Compatibility Ideographs
          CJK Compatibility Ideographs f900-f9ff
          CJK Compatibility Ideographs fa00-faff
       fb00-fb4f Alphabetic Presentation Forms
       fb50-fdff Arabic Presentation Forms-A
          Arabic Presentation Forms-A fb50-fc4f
          Arabic Presentation Forms-A fc00-fcff
          Arabic Presentation Forms-A fd00-fdff
       fe20-fe2f Combining Half Marks
       fe30-fe4f CJK Compatibility Forms
       fe50-fe6f Small Form Variants
       fe70-feff Arabic Presentation Forms-B
       ff00-ffef Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms
       fff0-ffff Specials
       6.5. ISO-10646 encodings
          6.5.1. Utf-8 Encode/Decode
    Test 14: utf8 round trip
          6.5.2. UCS-2
          6.5.3. UCS-2le
          6.5.4. UCS-4
          6.5.5. UCS-4LE
          6.5.6. UTF-16
          6.5.7. UTF-16le
       6.6. Iso 8859-x Mappings
          6.6.1. Conversion functions
          6.6.2. Tables
       6.7. ShiftJis Mapping
          6.7.1. Conversion functions
          6.7.2. Tables
    ASCII subrange
    Kana subrange
    Kanji lead byte 0x81.
    Kanji lead byte 0x82.
    Kanji lead byte 0x83.
    Kanji lead byte 0x84.
    Kanji lead byte 0x85.
    Kanji lead byte 0x86.
    Kanji lead byte 0x87.
    Kanji lead byte 0x88.
    Kanji lead byte 0x89.
    Kanji lead byte 0x8a.
    Kanji lead byte 0x8b.
    Kanji lead byte 0x8c.
    Kanji lead byte 0x8d.
    Kanji lead byte 0x8e.
    Kanji lead byte 0x8f.
    Kanji lead byte 0x90.
    Kanji lead byte 0x91.
    Kanji lead byte 0x92.
    Kanji lead byte 0x93.
    Kanji lead byte 0x94.
    Kanji lead byte 0x95.
    Kanji lead byte 0x96.
    Kanji lead byte 0x97.
    Kanji lead byte 0x98.
    Kanji lead byte 0x99.
    Kanji lead byte 0x9a.
    Kanji lead byte 0x9b.
    Kanji lead byte 0x9c.
    Kanji lead byte 0x9d.
    Kanji lead byte 0x9e.
    Kanji lead byte 0x9f.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe0.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe1.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe2.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe3.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe4.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe5.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe6.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe7.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe8.
    Kanji lead byte 0xe9.
    Kanji lead byte 0xea.
    Kanji lead byte 0xeb.
    Kanji lead byte 0xec.
    Kanji lead byte 0xed.
    Kanji lead byte 0xee.
    Kanji lead byte 0xef.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf0.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf1.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf2.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf3.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf4.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf5.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf6.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf7.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf8.
    Kanji lead byte 0xf9.
    Kanji lead byte 0xfa.
    Kanji lead byte 0xfb.
    Kanji lead byte 0xfc.
       6.8. GB 2312 Mapping
          6.8.1. Conversion functions
          6.8.2. Tables
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa1.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa2.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa3.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa4.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa5.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa6.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa7.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa8.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xa9.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xaa.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xab.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xac.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xad.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xae.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xaf.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb0.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb1.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb2.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb3.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb4.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb5.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb6.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb7.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb8.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xb9.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xba.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xbb.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xbc.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xbd.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xbe.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xbf.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc0.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc1.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc2.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc3.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc4.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc5.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc6.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc7.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc8.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xc9.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xca.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xcb.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xcc.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xcd.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xce.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xcf.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd0.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd1.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd2.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd3.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd4.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd5.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd6.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd7.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd8.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xd9.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xda.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xdb.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xdc.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xdd.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xde.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xdf.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe0.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe1.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe2.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe3.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe4.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe5.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe6.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe7.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe8.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xe9.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xea.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xeb.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xec.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xed.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xee.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xef.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf0.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf1.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf2.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf3.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf4.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf5.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf6.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf7.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf8.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xf9.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xfa.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xfb.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xfc.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xfd.
    GB2312 lead byte 0xfe.
       6.9. KSC-5601-1992 (Johab) Mapping
          6.9.1. Conversion functions
          6.9.2. Tables
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x81.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x82.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x83.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x84.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x85.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x86.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x87.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x88.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x89.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x8a.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x8b.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x8c.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x8d.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x8e.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x8f.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x90.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x91.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x92.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x93.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x94.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x95.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x96.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x97.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x98.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x99.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x9a.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x9b.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x9c.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x9d.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x9e.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0x9f.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa0.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa1.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa2.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa3.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa4.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa5.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa6.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa7.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa8.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xa9.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xaa.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xab.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xac.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xad.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xae.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xaf.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb0.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb1.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb2.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb3.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb4.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb5.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb6.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb7.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb8.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xb9.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xba.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xbb.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xbc.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xbd.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xbe.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xbf.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc0.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc1.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc2.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc3.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc4.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc5.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc6.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc7.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc8.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xc9.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xca.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xcb.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xcc.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xcd.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xce.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xcf.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd0.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd1.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd2.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd3.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd4.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd5.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd6.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd7.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd8.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xd9.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xda.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xdb.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xdc.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xdd.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xde.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xdf.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe0.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe1.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe2.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe3.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe4.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe5.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe6.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe7.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe8.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xe9.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xea.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xeb.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xec.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xed.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xee.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xef.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf0.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf1.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf2.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf3.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf4.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf5.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf6.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf7.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf8.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xf9.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xfa.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xfb.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xfc.
    KSC5601-1992 (Johab) lead byte 0xfd.
       6.10. KSC-5601-1987 (Wansung) Mapping
          6.10.1. Conversion functions
          6.10.2. Tables
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x21.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x22.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x23.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x24.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x25.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x26.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x27.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x28.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x29.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x2a.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x2b.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x2c.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x2d.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x2e.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x2f.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x30.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x31.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x32.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x33.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x34.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x35.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x36.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x37.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x38.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x39.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x3a.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x3b.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x3c.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x3d.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x3e.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x3f.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x40.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x41.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x42.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x43.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x44.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x45.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x46.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x47.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x48.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x49.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x4a.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x4b.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x4c.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x4d.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x4e.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x4f.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x50.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x51.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x52.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x53.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x54.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x55.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x56.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x57.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x58.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x59.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x5a.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x5b.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x5c.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x5d.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x5e.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x5f.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x60.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x61.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x62.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x63.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x64.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x65.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x66.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x67.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x68.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x69.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x6a.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x6b.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x6c.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x6d.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x6e.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x6f.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x70.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x71.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x72.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x73.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x74.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x75.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x76.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x77.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x78.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x79.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x7a.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x7b.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x7c.
    KSC5601-1987 (Wansung) lead byte 0x7d.
       6.11. Big5 Mapping
          6.11.1. Conversion functions
          6.11.2. Tables
    Big5 lead byte 0xa1.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa2.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa3.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa4.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa5.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa6.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa7.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa8.
    Big5 lead byte 0xa9.
    Big5 lead byte 0xaa.
    Big5 lead byte 0xab.
    Big5 lead byte 0xac.
    Big5 lead byte 0xad.
    Big5 lead byte 0xae.
    Big5 lead byte 0xaf.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb0.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb1.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb2.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb3.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb4.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb5.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb6.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb7.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb8.
    Big5 lead byte 0xb9.
    Big5 lead byte 0xba.
    Big5 lead byte 0xbb.
    Big5 lead byte 0xbc.
    Big5 lead byte 0xbd.
    Big5 lead byte 0xbe.
    Big5 lead byte 0xbf.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc0.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc1.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc2.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc3.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc4.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc5.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc6.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc7.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc8.
    Big5 lead byte 0xc9.
    Big5 lead byte 0xca.
    Big5 lead byte 0xcb.
    Big5 lead byte 0xcc.
    Big5 lead byte 0xcd.
    Big5 lead byte 0xce.
    Big5 lead byte 0xcf.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd0.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd1.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd2.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd3.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd4.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd5.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd6.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd7.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd8.
    Big5 lead byte 0xd9.
    Big5 lead byte 0xda.
    Big5 lead byte 0xdb.
    Big5 lead byte 0xdc.
    Big5 lead byte 0xdd.
    Big5 lead byte 0xde.
    Big5 lead byte 0xdf.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe0.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe1.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe2.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe3.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe4.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe5.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe6.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe7.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe8.
    Big5 lead byte 0xe9.
    Big5 lead byte 0xea.
    Big5 lead byte 0xeb.
    Big5 lead byte 0xec.
    Big5 lead byte 0xed.
    Big5 lead byte 0xee.
    Big5 lead byte 0xef.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf0.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf1.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf2.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf3.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf4.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf5.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf6.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf7.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf8.
    Big5 lead byte 0xf9.
       6.12. 8 bit Microsoft/IBM code pages
          6.12.1. Conversion functions
    Individual encodings
          6.12.2. Tables
       6.13. Drivers Subpackage
          6.13.1. Source Drivers Subpackage
    Source Drivers Module
    Source Base
       End Exceptions
       Source Base Class
    Disk File Input
    URL input
    FTP input
    HTTP input
    Standard Input
          6.13.2. Sink Drivers
    Sink Base Class
    Null Sink
    Tee Sink
    Simple Disk File Sink
    Complex Disk File Sink
    Standard Output Sink
    Persistent Storage Sink
          6.13.3. Storage Drivers
    Memory Driver
    Disk Driver
       6.14. Weavers
          6.14.1. Weaver Base
          6.14.2. Raw weaver
          6.14.3. Multiplex Weaver
          6.14.4. Plain text weaver
    reference processor
    Table of Contents
    Code File List
    Code File Status
    Input File List
    Include List
    Code Output
          6.14.5. HTML Weaver
    Body Output and Mode Control
    Reference Processor
       Numbered Lists
       Bullet Lists
       Keyed Lists
    Code Output
    Identifier Cross Reference Table
    Class Reference Table
    Table of Contents
    Code File List
    Code File Status
    Input File List
    Include List
    HTML Header
    Interscript Style Sheet
          6.14.6. Web Weaver
       Reference processor
       section processor
       heading processor
       document control
       Table of contents
          MSIE DOM ECMAScript
          Table of contents generator
       Identifier Cross references
    Test Code
          6.14.7. LaTeX Weaver
    Identifier Cross Reference Table
    Class Reference Table
    Table of Contents
    Code File List
    Source List
    Latex Preamble
    Body Output and Mode Control
       Numbered Lists
       Bullet Lists
       Keyed Lists
    Code Output
          6.14.8. Llambda Weaver
    Lambda Class
    Omega Translation Process
       Build OCP
          6.14.9. Lout Weaver
    The Interscript--Lout Definitions
    The Lout Weaver Initialization
    Lout Prolog and Epilog
    Prepare Text and Code for Lout
    Identifier Cross Reference Table
    Class Reference Table
    Table of Contents
    Code File List
    Source List
    Body Output and Mode Control
       Basic Output Operations
       Displays, Line and Page Breaks
    Code Displays
       Code Introduction and Epilog
       Code Formating
       Heading Helper openLevels
       Heading Helper closeLevels
       Begin the Table
       Setting a Row
       Quick Test of Tables
       Numbered Lists
       Bullet Lists
       Keyed Lists
    Code Output
    Font Changes
    End of Python--Lout Definitions
          6.14.10. Unimplemented Weavers
    microsoft word weaver
    microsoft help weaver
    nroff weaver
    postscript weaver
          6.14.11. auto weaver
       6.15. Weaver Filters
          6.15.1. Markup filtering weaver
          6.15.2. Convenience commands
       6.16. Tanglers
          6.16.1. Tangler Base class
          6.16.2. Null Tangler
          6.16.3. Document Tangler
          6.16.4. Data Tangler
          6.16.5. c Tangler
    c comment tangler
    c string tangler
          6.16.6. c++ Tangler
    Hash Tangler
    c++ comment tangler
          6.16.7. Java Tangler
          6.16.8. ocaml Tangler
    ocaml comment tangler
    ocaml string tangler
          6.16.9. Tcl Tangler
          6.16.10. Python Tangler
    Tokeniser interface
    Function generator
    Code generator
    Document generator
          6.16.11. Python Tangler
          6.16.12. Python comment tangler
          6.16.13. Perl Tangler
          6.16.14. Suggested replacement Code
       6.17. Tokenisers
          6.17.1. Python Tokeniser
    Callback Interface
    Server Interface
       Main Routine
          6.17.2. Parsers
    HTML Parser
       6.18. Html parser test
       6.19. Architecture
          6.19.1. The universal frame
          6.19.2. Install Frame
          6.19.3. The user frame
          6.19.4. The project frame
          6.19.5. The platform frame
          6.19.6. The site frame
          6.19.7. The process frame
    Execute Python Script
    Object tracing
          6.19.8. Master Frame
    Run the passes
          6.19.9. The pass frame
    Construct input object
          6.19.10. Input Frame
    The input frame
       Post user methods
       Process file data
       Invoke interscript
       Misc: move these
       begin/end blocks
          Begin/end test
       Include file/source
       Dependency checking
       Include/insert code
       Include html
       Weaver Control
       Input functions
       Parser functions
       Collect stuff
       Execute collected python
          Test python function
          Print diff table
       Register Test
       Python Test
          Test 17: Python test test
          Test 18: Python diff test
       Match Processing functions
          Single Line Python Script
          Multi-Line Python Script
          Ordinary Text
          Doubled Warning character
          Html input
       The Tangler Stack
       Tangler Constructors
       Managing the tangler stack
       Capture command output
       Documentation Constructions
       6.20. Module getoptions
          6.20.1. Test 19: generic getoptions module
       6.21. Get Options
          6.21.1. Help Dictionary
          6.21.2. Argument Frame
       6.22. Language Translation
          6.22.1. Run Time Phrase translation
          6.22.2. Phrase translation Test
          6.22.3. Weaver selection test
       6.23. Utility Modules
          6.23.1. System Configuration module
          6.23.2. compiler package
          6.23.3. Interscript Standard module diff for Python
    Posix Implementation
    Test routine 1
    Test Routine 2
       Test 23: Python diff test
          6.23.4. Commands
       6.24. Application and tool directory
          6.24.1. Stand alone unix/nt mainline
          6.24.2. Windows launcher
       6.25. Test package
    7. Appendices
       7.1. Bug History
       7.2. Bugs (etc) for Version 1a7
          7.2.1. These debugging notes
          7.2.2. Control System
          7.2.3. Tangler Bugs
          7.2.4. Weaver Bugs
          7.2.5. Misc Bugs
          7.2.6. Design Issues
          7.2.7. Omissions
          7.2.8. New in 1a5
    Separate compilation
          7.2.9. Under development and planned
       7.3. Bugs (etc) for Version 1a8
          7.3.1. These debugging notes
          7.3.2. Control System
          7.3.3. Tangler Bugs
          7.3.4. Weaver Bugs
          7.3.5. Misc Bugs
          7.3.6. Design Issues
          7.3.7. Omissions
          7.3.8. New in 1a5
    Separate compilation
          7.3.9. Under development and planned
       7.4. Bugs (etc) for Version 1a9
          7.4.1. New features
          7.4.2. Fixed bugs
       7.5. Installation Guide
          7.5.1. What you need
          7.5.2. Where to get it
    Getting Python
    Getting GNU tools
    Getting Omega
    Configuring your browser for UTF-8
    Configuring your browser for XML
    Configuring your editor
          7.5.3. Instant install
    Unpack the archive
    Unix: Make the command line launch script executable
    Windows: Make the command line launch script executable
    Mac: write a launch script
    Install doco
    Test It
          7.5.4. Configuration
    Compilers sub-package
    Diff sub-package
    Command line tool execution
          7.5.5. Building Interscript
          7.5.6. NT Issues
       7.6. Make tarball
       7.7. Makefile